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Examining Boards




Speaking of Verse and Prose - Drama - Acting


The School follows the L.A.M.D.A. examination syllabus in Speaking of Verse and Prose and Acting, which enables the pupils to gain awards from introductory to professional degree level.


For over 40 years the principal, Miss Bellingham, has passed on her knowledge of the L.A.M.D.A. Speech and Drama course to children from 3 years of age. The classes are much smaller than our dance classes and, although we have some pupils who study Dance and Drama combined, we have many students who just study Drama by itself.


Our classes began with one drama class a week and we now have a few classes spread over our teaching days (see timetable of classes for further information). As pupils move on passing L.A.M.D.A. examinations they can obtain UCAS points from Grade 6 (bronze medal) upwards, which help towards gaining entry to university.



Ballet - Tap - Gymnastic Dance - Freestyle/Disco - Musical Theatre - Street Dance


The School follows the I.D.T.A. Theatre Branch examination syllabus, which enables the pupils to gain awards from rosette to professional degree level.


A number of graded subjects are recognised by Ofqual.


Throughout our school we give tuition in the above styles of dance. This enables pupils to have a range of styles to perform and have knowledge of all styles of dance if and when considering dance for a career, either as a performer or teacher.


As many of our pupils learn dance as a hobby or extra curricula activity, I always say it is a hobby that can turn into a career. If pupils choose to pursue a different career, being a member of Bellford Stage School helps to build their confidence for the future, gaining discipline, dedication and determination to succeed.

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BELLFORD & COOMBER pass to distinction marks, as our pupils dance to music or speak to act with the distinctive sound of COOMBER audio equipment used in our school.